Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Campus by the Sea #2

     Well, we are done with Family Camp week #1 and we are half way through week #2. Syd and I are still having an amazing time at Campus by the Sea.

     Last Wednesday night when we returned back to camp we spent the night swing dancing and line dancing. That is hands down one of my favorite nights of the week! On Thursday we had class during the day and at night we had a bonfire for the children! I loved leading all the campfire songs and the kids loved sitting by the fire! On Friday morning we had class again and in the evening we had our traditional banquet night! On banquet night we serve the kids dinner and play games which is one of the highlights of the week for most of the campers. It was an evening especially wonderful for the high school and junior high. They spend their evening reflecting on what God has done in their life during the week and the stories they share with their leaders are remarkable. Unfortunately Syd missed banquet night as she was back on the mainland from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon for a wedding. The campers left in the early afternoon on Saturday and the Staff spent the rest of the day enjoying free time! I played a lot of volleyball and went wake boarding! It was supposed to be a day of rest but it changed into a full day of activities. I missed having Sydney with me during the weekend but she came back on Sunday afternoon with the week 2 campers!

      Last week was a big challenge for a lot of us because while we were trying to get though our first week of running our program, the stomach flu came to camp. There were about 6-8 families that were affected by it, which added a lot of work for our facilities team... YUCK! The campers affected were quarantined in order to stop this flu in its tracks. I have never washed myself so many times throughout each day. Luckily our program director was the only one that got sick on our staff. God really protected the staff from catching the bug and we are so grateful for the way He worked in that situation.

      This has been a week of relief for me and my partner Seth since we only have 4 kiddos compared to the 11 we had last week! Yesterday we had water games on the basketball court and Seth decided to encourage our 4 and 5 year olds to soak me! Our group is so much fun and I have loved hanging out with them. Today Syd and I hiked about 5 miles into the town of Avalon along with other campers. We will be able to use our phones until about 3:00PM today so feel free to shoot us a text! Thank you for your prayers. Love you all!!