Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I'm Unsatisfied

I'm Unsatisfied. Lately I have been a unsatisfied person. I have been given the world this winter break yet when one thing goes wrong I get so frustrated and it keeps me from counting the blessings that are happening right under my nose. There are so many examples I could share but this one illustrates it the best: 

(#)= blessings counted

My family was able to take an incredible trip to New York this past week. Most of you may know that we used my sister's flight benefits to fly standby in order to cut down the cost of the trip (1). We arrived to New York with no travel complications and enjoyed our 4 days in the big city. It was truly an incredible trip. It was probably the last opportunity that the 5 of us would all be traveling together, alone (2). We saw the Statue of Liberty (3), the Rockefeller Christmas tree (4), we saw our ancestors' name on Ellis Island (5), we went to see Jennifer Hudson perform in The Color Purple on Broadway (6), and we spent hours getting lost on the subway TOGETHER (7). We arrived at the airport only to find out that every single Virgin America flight to Los Angeles was overbooked by at least five seats, leaving us stranded at JFK. When you fly standby you can only get on a flight that has empty seats, so we were completely out of luck. I waited in the airport for 20 hours for a flight home. That was a really long day. A happy day lasts a minute and a stressful day lasts a decade. We debated driving home (yes, from NYC to LA) because we had absolutely no hope of getting on any flights. We decided to stay in the airport with the hope of getting on the 7AM flight. Long story short, we all made it home by the early evening (8). During those 20 hours I was completely consumed with stress. Not knowing when I was going to arrive home or if I was going to be able to travel to Boise for the New Year. I completely blocked our incredible trip out of my mind because I had was too busy worrying about not getting home. I didn't have time to think how lucky I was to spend an extra 20 hours with my family. I didn't have one second to think about how precious that time was, or a second to think of how lucky we were to experience a trip like that.

I'm done being unsatisfied. It's distracts me from counting my blessings. I'm so consumed with what others can do for me instead of looking back at the things at the things that God has already done. 

So I'm here at the airport and I missed my flight to Boise because I read my itinerary wrong (9). I consider this a blessing because this time at the airport has given me time to reflect of how important my blessings are. I saw God do great work in getting us home safely from New York after hours of waiting and I'm honestly thrilled to see how God uses other situations to bring Glory to Him. 

Friends, if we are too unsatisfied with where we are at in the moment, we miss out on what God is trying to do.