Wednesday, July 29, 2015

CBS 2.6

And just like that, we are done with 6 and a half weeks of Family Camp. We only have half a week left of our summer. This past week has been so rad and so great having my family in camp. It was truly a refreshing week! 

Joe and I have had the pleasure of working beside Erik Anderson for the majority of our time here. When an individual class has a large number of kids, the teaching team is given a third person to help them out. My Joe and I absolutely adore Erik and his heart for the kids. We love everything he brings to the table! This week Erik is not with us in class because we only have 13 kids. We really miss him but we are still having a great time!

Every Friday we have our kids think about something they struggle with. Common things that come up are; obedience, gossip, fighting with siblings, mean words, and bad attitudes. After they talk about each thing, they write it on a rock and they throw the rock into the ocean. This symbolizes getting rid of the things that hinder them from living to the praise of God's glory. Before they throw their rock, each teacher prays for them individually. I look forward to this exercise each week because when we separate each child from the group, it really gives them the opportunity to open up. Each week, I trust with my whole heart that God is going to use me, Joe, and Erik to really speak into each kid's life. We have one young girl in our class who has not grown up in a Christian home and doesn't know what it looks like to follow Jesus. We are trying to share the truth with her without overwhelming her. She seems open to hear what we have to say and for that we are thankful! 
This past weekend has definitely been a memorable one. When the campers left we spent the afternoon swimming and relaxing. Each Saturday the staff puts on a big event and this week's event was a CBS Staff Coffee House. I volunteered to coordinate and MC the entire night and it was simply amazing. Our staff is so talented! We heard many original songs, poems, and a' Capella performances. It was truly a great night of celebrating the talents God has given us. Afterwards, we played a hide-n-go-seek type game called Grey Wolf. It was so awesome! I just love each and every person on staff and I am so happy that God so intentionally put us all together. My most favorite moments from this summer have been the times when the camper are gone. We absolutely love our campers but we cherish the time we have with each other as well.
All this to say, this weekend reminded me that it is so evident God intended for us to be in community with one another. A community in which people are spurring each other on to love and good deeds. The way God has used each person, makes my heart sing with Joy. 

All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful toward those who keep the demands of his covenant. Psalm 25:10