Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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My family is here *sigh*. This week has been a refreshing (and wet) week. It has rained 4 times since my last blog. We said goodbye to our week four campers and welcomed in a huge weekend thunder storm. It wasn't a storm that was miles away but the thunder sounded as lightning was striking. We did our traditional "Rain Dance" on the pier in the rain. It was so awesome! I spent the rest of that rainy afternoon listening to the thunder and munching on popcorn with Virginia (one of our family camp directors) in her and her husband's cabin. It was such a fun time of hanging out while watching the rain fall. 
Most of you may know that my family is here for the entire week of Family Camp! Ahh!! The Langs and Ellisons are here too and it has been so fun spending time with them and watching them enjoy time off the mainland. They had a somewhat new welcome because it was pouring down rain when they got off the boat. However, nothing could "rain on my parade" because I get my family (minus Alex) for an entire week! 
The rain has not only affected day time activities but also sleep activities. Rain can be a big issue for us because most of the staff sleeps outside. On Monday night I went to bed as it started to drizzle. I didn't think it would last so I didn't move inside. Well it lasted all night and I stayed out the entire time. Other then the soaking wet hair and lack of sleep it was a fun change. 
I've spent the last few days playing card games with my family. My most favorite part of them being here is that they get to meet all my new friends.  I thoroughly enjoy each person on staff and it's fun to see my family enjoy them as much as I do. 
I am teaching seventeen 3rd and 4th graders with Joe Yardley and Erik Anderson this week. It is a really fun group and we absolutely love our kids. I am so grateful for my wonderful teaching partners. I admire their love for the Lord and people. They serve so selflessly and I genuinely want to be more like them. It's so cool to be surrounded by such Godly men. They are the seriously the best. 

If you are wondering how to pray, I have a few things! 

Health: A few of our staff have colds and they are in desperate need of healing. However we are thankful for only a small virus. 

Seth's shoulder: He heard from the doctor last week that he separated it. He has been resting it as much as possible. The other day when he was running down one of our trails I shouted his name to encourage him and as he looked up he took a tumble. Don't worry, Mrs. Heinz, he's okay! He set his personal hiking record that day and I think the fall (caused by me) helped him! He also claims that his shoulder is starting to feel better but we really want to pray for complete healing.

Finish strong: The staff is starting to get super close to each other and as much as we want to enjoy time together, we really don't want to miss out on time spent with campers. Pray that we can stay focused on serving and serving well. 

A scandal of Grace,
you died in my place so my soul will live. 

Shelby Dreves 
Campus by the Sea
PO Box 466
Avalon, CA 90704