Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Campus by the Sea #6

I can't believe it's week six
I can't believe it's week six
I can't believe it's week SIX!

     Well it is week six and I am still so happy to be here. I want to use this whole page to write about how much I'm going to miss my friends, but instead I'll write an update! The end of last week was really great. Having 13 kids was a challenge but Seth and I (and our helper Claire) did a great job! My partner Seth and I have been so blessed by all of the kids we had in our class this summer. We were both so impressed by how well they behaved in class and how eager they were to learn! Last Thursday night we had a mini concert with Danny Oertli! Usually on Thursday night we do a kids campfire but we moved things around to have a concert. It was so nice to have a small change of pace during the week. Every week has the same schedule so it's nice to have a little change every so often.

       Our Friday night banquet went so well! The kids loved the time playing games, reflecting on the week, and eating as a group. Just like every other banquet night, there was so much positive energy buzzing around the room. Everything was going great until tragedy struck for one of our beloved staff members. Our friend Cooper received a call from home with news that his dad broke some vertebrae in his neck. His dad and the rest of his family were driving from Tahoe down to Campus by the Sea and stopped off at an Avocado tree they visit annually. Sadly, Cooper's dad fell from the tree and was injured severely. The update we received that night was that his dad was unable to move his arms and was in critical condition, but by the power of God's grace, he was soon able to move an arm and some fingers. This could have easily been something that was more severe but God showed up.  That night Cooper announced he was going to leave in the morning and drive up to San Luis Obispo to be with his dad and family. The way the staff responded to this was remarkable. The moment we found out we spent several minutes in prayer and the next morning we all woke up early to send him off. We have had many moments this summer when we all rejoiced together, but this was a time for us to mourn together. It is sad that we had to say goodbye to him but we are just so thankful that his dad is making significant progress!

        This Sunday was one of the most memorable Sundays I've experience here at CBS. During lunch the power went out announcing a thunder and lightning storm. We all hurried outside to enjoy it because thunder and lightning is rare on the island. A bunch of us hurried back to our outdoor sleeping area to save our sleeping bags from getting soaked. With no time to lose a group of us staff members hurried down to the pier to take a jump in the water during the storm. I have to say this wasn't one of our best ideas because of the danger that comes with that, but we did it anyway! A few of us didn't have our swimsuits on so we jumped off with all our clothes on! We finished off the storm with our beloved rain dance (a dance we do every Wednesday night with the campers). There was so much joy that day. It's so awesome to know that the last Sunday of our summer was spent making memories instead of dwelling on the fact that we only had 7 more days together. It's also surprising that we all have so much energy considering it is the last week. Our staff is so grateful that God has blessed us so richly this summer!

        Week six has been great so far! Seth and I were told at the beginning of the week that we would only have four in our class but to our surprise we received 5 additional kids which left us with 9. I would say it's been an average week! It's hard going through this week knowing that it's our last time doing all these activities, yet I am staying present and enjoying every moment. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else but Seth. We get along so well and we have a similar sense of humor! The rest of the staff claims that we are the funniest and best teaching partners of the summer, which to me is undeniable :)

        Many of you are probably wondering what my next step is after I leave Campus by the Sea on Saturday. On Saturday night I will be flying across the country to New Hampshire to work at another camp for two weeks called Camp Berea! At the end of those few weeks I will spend the weekend Sightseeing in Boston with some close friends from Camp. I return from Boston on August 17th and I have one week of rest before school starts... AHH!! My family will be taking me and my friends to the airport on August 3rd so it will be great to spend a few hours with them!

I am so in love with this summer and it's not even over yet!

"His dying breath has brought me life, I know that it is finished"