Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lots and Lots of Snow

I think it's important to document your favorite moments in order to keep the memory alive. So here you go! This my reflection of my Winter Break broken up into different categories!

Quality Time
Spending quality time with friends and family has been a huge reoccurring theme throughout this break. The people who are closest to me that live near me are probably giggling at that previous sentence because they have seen very little of me. However, these last few weeks I got to spend some time with people that I don't get to see that often. As most of you already know, I visited my cousins in Idaho for 10 days during Christmas. Those days were spent hanging with one of my favorite humans, Grace Peterson, her family, Grace's friends, and my family! Grace's friends and I all went on a big scavenger hunt throughout Boise and it was definitely a night to remember! Our family all enjoyed each other's company while we feasted on King Crab Legs, shopped, and sat on the couch watching movies. We had a few snowy days which made it so much more fun! In the beginning of break our family spent our Sunday nights at the Lang's house to Celebrate this Advent season as well. Sydney and I got to see a portion of our summer camp friends! It was a special time of reflection of last summer and anticipation for this upcoming summer. Sydney and I are so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives that we have met through such an awesome ministry. The two of us also got to go on a mini-vacation to Big Bear with some of our friends from our high school youth group. We spent our time up in the mountains playing in the snow, playing games, and watching movies! We loved our short yet fun-filled time with them!
Favorite Human
One big change our family experienced this season was not having as much time just the five of us. As most of you may know, Alex has been working with Virgin America Airlines since the summer time, so she was unable to go to Idaho with us. Sydney had hip surgery the day before Christmas Eve and insisted on my parents keeping their plans to visit family in Idaho, so Sydney stayed home too. As most of you may know, her surgery went perfectly and she came out more hip! HA! We are so amazed to see how God has worked in her recovery. Sydney was walking around without crutches just 10 days after her surgery. Although her fitness level was a huge contribution to her speedy recovery, her determination was and is unbelievable. Sydney and Alex's absence from our trip to Idaho was the elephant in the room. We missed them so dearly! We know that growing up means that our time together is cut down but that just makes it more precious. The five of us went over to Alex's boyfriend's family's New Year's Eve party to ring in the New Year together! I'm so grateful for my fun, supportive, and crazy family. They are truly one of the best gifts God has given me.
Ringing in the New Year

Big Bear with Paznaz friends

If you are my friend on Snapchat I am sure you have figured out that I am a huge fan of snow. My winter break took placed in multiple snowy locations. When I was visiting Idaho, it snowed on Christmas eve! I am so glad that I got to see snow fall because the forecast did not look very promising. It also unexpectedly snowed on our CBS staff reunion in Yucaipa. What a fun change in scenery for all of my friends that I met on a desert island. In Big Bear we got to have some snowball fights as well. The most recent snow experience I had was putting my new Snowboard to use (thanks Alex and Eric).
Snowboarding with Seth

Talking about snow probably seems very cliche but I look at it as something so beautiful that God has created. A few days ago I was sitting on a ski lift with my friend Seth and I looked at him and said "God didn't HAVE to make snow sparkle". Seth then looked at me and said "He didn't have to do a lot of things". Yet he has done so much for us, even though we are sinners. Maybe God created snow just so we can use the analogy of him washing us white as snow. We aren't just washed clean but with His holy presence in our lives, we sparkle. And to me that is extraordinarily beautiful!

If I got to see you this winter break and you are reading this, cheers to you because you made it a good one!

Eagle, Idaho
CBS staff reunion