Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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Sunday July 5th
This week has been so different in so many ways. God's provision have been so clear to our staff this week. He has met so many needs of mine and many others on staff. While I'm at camp I am always in search of small pieces of home. This week one piece I found was in our guest speaker. Brent Eldredge is a new speaker at camp this year. Intrigued by a new face, I introduced myself to him. I mentioned to him I was from Arcadia and he immediately asked me what church I am a part of. I barely had enough time to finish saying Fellowship Monrovia when he interrupted me saying that he helped my pastor, Albert Tate, plant our church. It was cool to hear from a speaker I had such a small, yet comforting connection with. 

On afternoon during the week each family makes a boat, swims it out 20 yards, and releases it with the hope that their boat makes it to the shore first. I was walking down to the beach with my teaching partner, Joe, when we spotted one of our boys from our class. We approached Asher asking him if he was building a boat. After he said no, I told him "You have a 0% chance of winning the boat race if you don't build a boat". After a few minutes of prying, Joe and I finally convinced him to let us help him build a boat. With only 25 minutes of building time left, we made a boat using only sticks, painters tape, and milk cartons. The rest of the kids in our class joked about how it was going to be a titanic sequel. With little faith, Asher and I watched Joe swim it out and let it drift to shore. It is my pleasure to announce that "The Asher" made it to shore first!!!! Families who spent hours working on their boats were puzzled when they heard our boat had won! It was so cool to see how a lame boat brought us so much joy and unity! Asher had a hard time connecting with a lot of people in class but this one on one time he had with his teachers gave him the opportunity to open up and make a connection. 

Many of you may be wondering how I spent my Fourth of July. After our week two campers left the island, a group of us went  paddle boarding for a few hours. The water was so warm and the sun was shining all day making it a perfect day for water activities. Later on in the evening, a transit boat picked up every staff member and took us into town to watch fireworks. Fireworks on the island are much different than on the mainland. Someone rents a barge and launches fireworks from a boat in Avalon's harbor. I sat and watched the fireworks with 5 year-old Brandon Garcia seated on my lap with my two best camp friends Joe and Seth floating in the middle of the ocean sitting in a boat. It was such a dream. 

The next day was more of a nightmare to be completely honest. I had been feeling sick since last Thursday but it was Sunday when it really hit me. I woke up feeling defeated. The head cold got the best of me that morning. I went into our camp church service and started worship standing next to my friends when I felt that my constant sniffles and sneezes were distracting the people next to me so I got up to sit in the back. I went to sit alone when Lisa Friesen asked if I was okay. Knowing I wasn't, I bursted into tears expressing how I was frustrated that I was sick. For those of you that know Lisa, you know that her hugs and kind words are overwhelmingly comforting. I got to call my mom later that day and tell her I wasn't feeling well and it was nice to hear her and my dads voices. That night, I attended my small group. The men in our group had prior commitments so they were unable to attend. Every week two people in our small group share their testimonies. My two new  friends shared their testimonies and it was incredible. As much as I love the guys' presence in my group, the intimacy that the girls of our small group felt was indescribable. God so intentionally put that time aside for us girls to connect on a deeper level. It reminded me that one of the most valuable things we have is our stories. Hearing the way God is using my friends is the most beautiful thing.

I am feeling much better today but my voice is still raspy. If you want to know how to pray for me you can pray that my voice heals completely. Also, pray that our staff can continue to work and serve people with humility. Miss you guys! Feel free to write!

Sorry that was a long one, I hope you can take something from this.

It is well, it is well with my soul. 

Shelby Dreves 
Campus by the Sea