Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Things I Refuse

I am usually good about learning and doing new things. I think that having an open mind is important but there are some things that I refuse.  

     1.     Crop tops: These shirts will never work for me (even if I had a perfect tummy). When someone I know wears a crop top, I feel like my eyes go directly to their stomach. It may work for some people, but these tops will never work for me.

     2.     Smoking: UGH!!! I don’t understand. I know it can be addicting but I will never understand how people take that first puff. GROSS!
     3.     Letting my family members pee with the door open: This REALLY gets to me. I hate the sound. I will close my ears when I am in a public bathroom with multiple stalls. I just can’t stand hearing people do their business.
     4.     Body Piercings: I don’t mind nose rings or belly button rings, but these will never work for me. I have 3 piercings on both of my ears but I don’t see myself getting a piercing in another area of my body.
     5.     Tattoos: The word permanent is so intimidating to me! However, some people can totally rock their tattoos!
     6.      Drugs: Do I have to go into this?
     7.     Camouflage: It’s just not my style. I don’t mind if other people wear it. Unless I am dressing up for something or decide to join the military you will not see me wearing it.

     8.     Pet Snakes: They’re fun to look at!
     9.     The word “puberty”: Obviously it’s hard not to use this word in some circumstances, but the word just sounds gross to me!
    10. Chihuahuas: I never liked these dogs. My dislike for them was confirmed when one chased me down the street. He stopped chasing me after I started barking back at it (DON’T ASK). I am very cordial with them but I will never like them.
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Comment with something that you refuse!

Monday, February 24, 2014

10 Things I will Never Understand About the Winter Olympics

I have really enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics over the past 2 weeks. I have to give credit to all the athletes that had the privilege to compete. Their talent is truly remarkable. However, there are a few things that I will never understand about some of these sports.

     1.     First of all, WHY!? (Clearly because it is the most creative thing ever!) Does this sport exist because a few kids were bored one day?
     2.     What is up with those patterned pants?
     3.     Why is it necessary to yell at their opponents when it is time to put their “brooms” to work? (I find this absolutely hilarious).
     4.     I am so fascinated by their shoes. They look like running shoes! If I wore those shoes at an ice skating rink, I would be flat on my butt. However, I have a feeling I would be really good at this game.
(To be reminded of what curling is click here)
Cross-country skiing
     5.     Don’t they get wedgies wearing those outfits? My urge to pick my wedgy would be much greater than the urge to get to the finish line.
     6.     Why would ANYONE want to ski that long? Talk about exhaustion.

Figure Skating
     7.     How do they not get dizzy from spinning so many times? I get dizzy after getting off a tire swing.
     8.     Why is it called the skeleton? It must be called that because of the risk that is involved.
     9.     How do they run so fast on the ice? I can’t run that fast on a track!

Opening Ceremonies Outfits
    10.   Did Ralph Lauren design these during the holiday season? Because the 80’s called and they want their Christmas sweaters back! On the other hand, I loved the hats!

Stay tuned for the Summer Olympics of 2016, there are plenty of unanswered questions I have related to those events!