Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mommy Spotlight

There are two sections of this post! For the first section, I interviewed a few moms asking them what they thought the hardest thing about being a mom was. For the second section I asked a few people what they love about their mom. ENJOY!

 My goal with this post is to shine light on all the things moms have to go through in order to be who they are!

                 1.    What is the hardest thing about being a mom?

My kids are still (somewhat) young. I still pretty much decide what they do, and whom they do it with. The fact that someday, (sooner than I'd like to think) they will be making their own choices about little stuff and life and death stuff is a challenge for me!”

“The first thing I thought of is being 'on' all day.  You can't just rest if you're tired or sick. You can't just NOT make/get dinner if you aren't hungry or don't feel like eating. If you're having a bad day, you feel completely guilty when you take it out on your kids....”

The MOST challenging thing in this moment is fear…I fear that I won't do enough for them, be enough for them, teach them enough, discipline enough, love fiercely enough and show Christ enough. At the same time I fear that I will do too much for them, be too overwhelming, too overpowering, discipline too strongly, be too smothering, pass on my weaknesses/imperfections, or that they might turn from Christ.
Finding the balance to be in that "perfect" zone is nearly impossible and that is a scary thing.
I pray daily that my kids will be great in spite of my own shortcomings, and ask God to fill in where I lack.

“One challenging thing about being a mom is answering all of my daughters ‘why’ questions and hoping I'm giving the right answers/advice”

"One of the challenging things of being a mother is hearing your toddler say "No" to everything you ask him to do."

"One of my focuses for my girls was my hope for them to make choices and relationships that are Christ-centered. I look at it like a funnel. The world is above the mouth of the funnel and Christ is at the end. I hoped and prayed they'd meet people and make decisions that pull them toward the center where Christ is. As a young mom with three girls in 3 years it was hard to do this and often times I failed in my being lazy or unwilling to be consistent. I always knew God loved them
more than I did even though it didn't seem possible. As I type this I am reminded of something I drilled into them "make good choices", when what I should have been saying was "make God's choices!"

“I think the hardest thing is balancing when to give your input and when to allow your child to make their own decisions with their own results… Good or bad. Sometimes the lesson is in the making of the mistakes. It’s one of the hardest things: to watch your child make a mistake that you could have saved them from… OH! And having a kid 6500 miles away.”

“Being a fully 'present' mom. Usually the roles we have are overlapped. I ask myself: How can I be fully be a mom with other titles like teacher, coach, team parent, career woman, or housekeeper.”

2.   What do you love about your mom?

I love that she makes me Enchiladas!”

“I can go to her for anything. She always knows what to say.”

“She always can find something if its lost.”

“Her ability to forgive so well”

“I love that she pays thousands of dollars for treatment for my Lyme disease, all because she loves me”

“That she keeps singing even when everyone tells her to shut up”

“She finds joy in opening her home to anyone and everyone.”

“I had one of those leather bracelets made for me at Disneyland with my name on it. I took it off once and she took it and kept it.
Now she wears it everyday! Hahaha!”

Thank you to everyone who participated, it made for a great post!


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