Thursday, March 27, 2014

Little Person: A Throw Back


This post is dedicated to things I use to do, say or believe when I was younger. I named this post “Little Person” because this was one of my nicknames when I was a young girl.

When I was a young girl, my mom used to call me “little girl”. I had expressed to her multiple times that I did not appreciate this nickname. So instead of “little girl”, she came up with the name “little person”. When I had AIM, my user name was “littleperson”, that was also my first email username.
Matching Swimsuits are a thing

New Testament
When I was younger, I thought that the New Testament of the bible was written in my day of age. I thought the word “new” meant brand new. I don’t know what lead me to believe this.

The Grand Canyon
I visited the Grand Canyon for the first time when I was about 6 or 7. I heard that it was a place with pretty views. I remember as I approached the edge, I looked up and my mom and said “That’s a pretty big picture”. I was completely convinced that it was painted on a huge canvas. I guess the beauty was just too remarkable for my young mind to digest.

Blood of Jesus
I always dreaded the times when I had to attend the “Family Service” at church and miss out on Sunday school. There was one time when the congregation sang “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus”. Instead of singing that lyric, I sang “Nothing’s up the butt of Jesus”. I believed this with my whole heart, apparently.

Twin Lakes
Throughout my childhood, my family often visited Twin Lakes to go camping. My parents took me to the edge of the lake and there was long grass growing from the bottom of the lake beyond the surface of the water. My mom warned me to not walk on that grass because it wasn’t on the ground it was water. I guess I didn’t believe her because I ended up falling in. I was so upset, I begged my mom to go back to camp and change my clothes. Instead, she made me wait it out and walk all the way back to camp hours later because I didn’t listen.
Me, Sydney, Alex

Being a Good Sport
I was quite the soccer star when I was younger, each game I would score four or five goals. A few months ago, my family and I were looking through old family videos, and we found one of me playing on my first soccer team. The video showed me scoring the goal and instead of joining my team in celebration of scoring, I ran to the sidelines to my family and smiled in front of them while they praised me. I guess sportsmanship just wasn’t my thing.

Another Lake Story
When I was a “little person” I obviously did not understand the concept of a lake. But what I was familiar with was the ocean. We all know that at the beach, the waves come up high and then go back down until the next wave comes. Well I thought that a lake was the same way. Before approaching the water, my mom warned me that the lake wasn’t the same as the ocean and when you enter the water, it doesn’t disappear from under you and go back down, it stays. I guess I didn’t understand such a concept. I entered the water thinking that it would disappear, and it didn’t. My mom scanned the beach looking for me and she didn’t see me. She looked in the water and saw me head deep in the water with my lips above the surface gasping for air. I don’t remember this because I was too young but my mom loves telling this story.

One time the five of us visited Yosemite. I remember pulling over to the side of the road to check out the view. There was no guard rail to keep you from falling off the edge, so my parents warned me to stay away. When I was younger, I must have thought I was invincible because sure enough I ran straight towards the edge of the cliff. I was one step away from falling hundreds of feet and my dad grabbed me by the hair and saved me. Thank God for that!

Our Cabin
This one is more of a sad memory. My mom's side of the family owned a cabin up in Shaver Lake, and we would visit it often. One Fourth of July we were all asleep in the middle of the night and my parents smelled fire. They woke up to our cabin up in flames. My sisters and I were pulled from our beds and brought outside. Now most of these stories I don’t remember, but there is a moment from this story that I remember clearly. I was seated in my car seat with our van door open watching as our beloved cabin burned to pieces. My brave dad attempted to put it out with our garden hose. We miss our cabin everyday but we know that everything happens for a reason.

I hope you are entertained by all of my stories. But if there is anything to learn from this it is to listen to your parents.

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