Wednesday, March 5, 2014

True Life: My Best Friend is the Opposite Sex

I want to start off by saying how thankful I am for all my “best” friends out there. There are about 4 of you and you know who you are. My definition of a friend is someone who cares about you, enjoys spending time with you, encourages you, and is easy to hang out with.  In my opinion, friendship should not discriminate against distance, gender, or nationality. And that is why I am writing this.

Welcome to my first “True Life” post.

True Life: My Best Friend is the Opposite Sex

I actually have two guy best friends, Casey and Luke. They are pretty cool. Today I am going to talk to you about my friendship with Luke.

Luke and I went to Arcadia High School together and were both in the same theatre class all four years. We have been in 4 shows together and participated in multiple showcases. Everyone that is a part of our theatre department is super close. We laugh, fight, cry, sing, dance, and act together and it is so fun! Spending hours on end with each other cause us to be involved in everyone else’s business.
Our class performing a musical number from The Drowsy Chaperone on the Pantages Stage in Los Angeles
Now that Luke and I (and many other close friends) have graduated from the theatre department we are all dispersed around this country. We have a few in New York, one in Colorado, one in Connecticut, and many others in California. Luke and I chose the community college route, and that’s what has made us so close. Out of all the people who stayed in town, Luke and I are the closest. Our schedules don’t always work together but we find times to hang out, even if it’s just grabbing lunch. I think being friends with each other reminds us about the times we shared with many others in theatre. We speak the same (theatre) language. He understands my craziness and I understand his.
New York Selfie

With any boy girl friendship comes questions about a possible relationship. In my opinion, it is perfectly normal for someone to ask about it. We spend so much time together. I have had guy friends in the past that have come and gone without becoming anything more than a friendship. Luke and I are constantly conversing with each other about the people who ask about our status and Luke always says it perfect, “We are the only ones that know how we actually feel.” We don’t let ourselves get wrapped up in other people’s opinions. I believe that it is possible to have a guy in your life that is your best friend. And in fact, I think it is very healthy. If I feel discouraged about what my crush said to me, Luke is one of the first ones I go to. He reminds me not to overthink things.  He reminds me that boys are stupid sometimes. I connect with Luke on a completely different level than I do with some of my girlfriends. It’s not a better level but a different level. He is also the first person to tell me when I am acting crazy. He also gives me a sneak peak of a guys mind. It’s great (muahahahaha).
He's REALLY strong
As BFFs, Luke and I are glad that you guys ask about us. We rather you ask us to our face, than ask others behind our backs. I would think the same thing about people with a similar relationship to us, because it’s interesting. The people that hang out with us understand that we are just friends, and how it works. He’s my brother (and why would I date my brother…EW!!)
Can you see the Statue of Liberty?
Thanks Luke for your friendship!

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  1. Luke is a great friend and the fact that you two share the same love for the Lord and keep each other accountable is priceless.

  2. How sweet! I am glad you guys are so open and kind to each other. I am sure that is why you are able to maintain such a close friendship.