Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Things I Refuse

I am usually good about learning and doing new things. I think that having an open mind is important but there are some things that I refuse.  

     1.     Crop tops: These shirts will never work for me (even if I had a perfect tummy). When someone I know wears a crop top, I feel like my eyes go directly to their stomach. It may work for some people, but these tops will never work for me.

     2.     Smoking: UGH!!! I don’t understand. I know it can be addicting but I will never understand how people take that first puff. GROSS!
     3.     Letting my family members pee with the door open: This REALLY gets to me. I hate the sound. I will close my ears when I am in a public bathroom with multiple stalls. I just can’t stand hearing people do their business.
     4.     Body Piercings: I don’t mind nose rings or belly button rings, but these will never work for me. I have 3 piercings on both of my ears but I don’t see myself getting a piercing in another area of my body.
     5.     Tattoos: The word permanent is so intimidating to me! However, some people can totally rock their tattoos!
     6.      Drugs: Do I have to go into this?
     7.     Camouflage: It’s just not my style. I don’t mind if other people wear it. Unless I am dressing up for something or decide to join the military you will not see me wearing it.

     8.     Pet Snakes: They’re fun to look at!
     9.     The word “puberty”: Obviously it’s hard not to use this word in some circumstances, but the word just sounds gross to me!
    10. Chihuahuas: I never liked these dogs. My dislike for them was confirmed when one chased me down the street. He stopped chasing me after I started barking back at it (DON’T ASK). I am very cordial with them but I will never like them.
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Comment with something that you refuse!

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  1. hahaha! that chihuahua is scary! I am with you on that one. I refuse ombre hair.